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Through the Regional Science Exchange, small cohorts of Year 10 students from rural and regional Victoria are invited to visit Melbourne and experience teaching and learning at John Monash Science School (JMSS) – Victoria’s first specialist secondary school with an explicit focus on science, mathematics and associated technologies.

Students participating in the exchange will travel to Melbourne, and be provided with home stay accommodation for three weeks, during which time they will enrol and participate in regular Year 10 curriculum at John Monash Science School.

Designed to minimise disruption to regular studies, all students will be able to continue their studies in core subjects like English and Mathematics while on exchange.

In addition to regular studies, visiting students will experience the unique learning environment offered through our co-location and partnership with Monash University, benefit from working with a large group of keen scientifically – minded students, and have the opportunity to participate in specialised emerging science electives, fields trips and extra-curricular activities.


The curriculum at JMSS challenges students to explore cutting-edge scientific knowledge in an immersive teaching and learning environment, including opportunities to participate in emerging science electives developed in partnership with Monash University.

In addition to study-related opportunities, students will also have the opportunity to explore Melbourne's diverse cultural and sporting landscape through curated excursions and guided weekend activities - forming a holistic school/life experience.

The Regional Science Exchange is also designed to give students exposure to the Monash University campus and facilities, helping to prepare for the transition to university and further study at the end of secondary years of schooling.

During their exchange, students will choose an elective Emerging Science subject from a range of offerings.  These electives are hands-on in nature, and often utilise the various scientific facilities on-campus at Monash University, allowing students to explore and investigate areas of science, technology and mathematics that are shaping the future.

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About JMSS

Key Information

GOOD NEWS! We are back for 2022
Dates for 2022 
Term 2  
Weeks 2, 3 and 4 (3 week program)
Sunday 1 May - Friday 20 May, 2022 *

Term 3   
Weeks 2, 3 and 4 (3 week program)
Sunday 17 July - Friday 5 August, 2022 *

Term 4 (TBC)
Weeks 8 and 9 (2 week program)
Sunday 20 November - Friday 2 December, 2022 *

Each 3 week block will accommodate a cohort upwards of 20 students, depending on availability of home stay accommodation.

Students attending JMSS for a 3-week block, will then continue their research projects at home, returning to present their posters at our annual Science Fair in November 2022.
Students attending the Term 4 program will be attending JMSS during the Australian Science Fair.

*Dates correct at time of update. Subject to change
Due to government funding, the program is now FREE. Students will only need to organise transport to and from Melbourne. 

Students will stay with JMSS families, and will have a JMSS buddy. Students will be provided with a JMSS school uniform jumper, and may borrow a myki to catch public transport during their stay.
Accommodation will be hosted by JMSS families.  Students live with JMSS families during the duration of their stay and are allocated a buddy, house and mentor group thus increasing the bond with the school and JMSS students.
Selection Criteria

Applications for Year 10 students!
The program is for Year 10 students who have talent, interest, curiosity and enthusiasm in the areas of Science, Mathematics and/or Technology. 
Interested students are encouraged to speak with the science teacher at their school, and work with them to develop an application for the 2022 program. Applications will need to address the following selection criteria:
  • Students - describe your interest in science/maths/technology in a maximum of one A4 typed page.
  • Students - describe in 200 words or less how you will use this opportunity back in your school and/or home town after the experience is over, or how it might impact your future subject or career choices.
  • Students - if you are studying any VCE (Year 11 and 12 subjects) in Year 10, please list them and approximately how much work will be required during your 3-week block.
  • Please consider and list any possible issues regarding being away from home for 3 weeks, eg: part-time work, sporting commitments, experience staying away from home.
  • Teachers - a summary of students’ academic performance over the period Year 7- 9 with particular reference to science, mathematics and technology capabilities. Please comment on student potential and the value of the program to the student and school. Maximum of one A4 typed page.
  • Geographical location of students’ homes and schools attended will also be considered.
  • Indigenous students are encouraged to apply.
  • Make sure you have read through the Information Booklet
  • Ensure you have read and addressed the Selection Criteria
  • Compete a cover sheet, outlining your details
  • Please ensure your documents are prepared in wither Word (.doc/.docx) or Adobe PDF (.pdf) formats
  • To download the Selection Criteria form - Click Here

Applications for Year 10 students in 2022 will open Feb 2022
It is never too early to register your interest for either term.  
Download the information and fill in the forms relating to the selection criteria.

For more information and to email your application please email: -
 Erin Hayley on -
Apply for Homestay Program

Applications for the Homestay Program are NOW OPEN!
Register your interest in providing homestay accommodation for students participating in the 2022 Regional Science Exchange click here
For more information or clarification please email Erin Hayley on -
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For further information of the John Monash Science School Regional Science Exchange Program, please contact:
Erin Hayley
Marketing & Outreach Coordinator
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+61 03 9905 8062

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